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It is always such a pleasure to receive such lovely reviews from my clients. Knowing I have played a part in their journey to parenthood fills me with pride. You can find more reviews at my listing with @thedouladirectory

I hope you enjoy reading them.

I really can't put into words how much Tracy's support has meant to me. As a surrogate without a birth partner, Tracy has been with me every step of the way, holding my hand, being a shoulder to cry on and imparting so much wisdom and knowledge. She supported me to have the birth I longed for after a traumatic first birth with my own son. From first contact, birth prep sessions, labour and beyond, Tracy has been amazing and I can't thank her enough. No words or review I could write, could ever do justice to just how thankful I am to have found her. Tracy helped me to make informed choices throughout my pregnancy and especially when it came to induction, with the latest medical evidence and facts, that even my consultant couldn't argue with. She was on hand to go through my birthing choices. Tracy cared for me during labour, when I was at my most vulnerable she protected my birth space and dignity and was an everlasting source of encouragement. Tracy went above and beyond to make sure I was listened to , cared for and advocated for and I just want to say a huge thank you. Thank you Tracy for being my Doula and for supporting us as a surrogate team, your presence really blessed us and I can hand on heart say I really couldn't have done it without you.  Our birth is something I'll always treasure and look back on with pride in years to come. Its with a heavy heart my journey with you has come to an end, but I hope to see you again one day. Thank you. xxx


Carrie January 2024



Tracy's kind, caring and calm nature immediately came across- she is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to the families she supports. My husband and I found her hypnobirthing sessions to be invaluable. Tracy provided us with education, endless resources and most of all her confidence and guidance- to enable us to advocate for ourselves, or with her support if needed. Tracy was incredible during labour, in what turned out to be anything but our preferred plan. With her guidance prior to, we had mapped out a plan b and c, this reduced stress during and allowed us to get the birth we wanted despite it not being our first choice. We were able to use the power of hypnobirthing to sustain 20 hours of labour with minimal intervention for a wonderful experience. Tools that we will continue to use for a calmer home. Tracy help me to deliver our daughter, cared for us and made sure our wishes were our own and respected. We will be forever grateful and feel so lucky to have found her.

Jemma and Mike January 2024.

We can't recommend Tracy enough! I'd been back and forth on whether or not to invest in a Doula and reached out to Tracy quite late in my pregnancy.....fortunately she had a slot available for us and we never looked back! Tracy had three in depth antenatal sessions with us and we really felt informed and started to form a really positive vision of our birth. Throughout my labour Tracy was a huge support to both me and my partner, any moments of fear that arose in me, Tracy was great at bringing me back to a positive space with her reassurance and knowledge. It was wonderful to have such a great advocate present who could ensure my wishes were met throughout. If a positive birth experience with as little intervention as possible is important to you,  I would highly recommend a Doula and Tracy in particular! :)xxx

Sophie and Sean. November 2023


I am So thankful and glad we had Tracy support us in our first few weeks as a fam of 4. She helped me tremendously with my breastfeeding goals- I am now happily and confidently breastfeeding, which is something I struggled with before. Tracy has such a positive and encouraging energy and helped support my recovery by checking in on my physical improvement and mental health throughout her visits. Not to mention the countless other things she's done, like offer advise on exercise, and the many layers of new born care. As well as play with our toddler for hours, change nappies, make cups of tea, take us to get fresh air, and more!

Tracy is the perfect mix of professional and mumsy. I immediately felt at ease with her after our first session when I saw how hands-on and caring with both newborn and toddler, treating us all like loving family.

Her professionalism shined through to answer any questions or perform light checks on the baby. I would recommend Tracy to everyone.

Siobhan and Sam. October 2023



Having Tracy Support us on our postpartum journey was the best decision we made. As an apprehensive FTM who had undergone a tough journey to motherhood, Tracy's support was invaluable. Her approach is empathetic and non judgemental in a sea of overwhelming advice that exists out there in the parent sphere. She supported us with the comfort of a family member when I went through my various meltdowns, offered compassionate advise, and put us in touch with organisations and help that could make our parenting experience more effective. I genuinely belief my breast feeding journey would have been cut short had it not been for Tracy's encouragement, which is something I will be forever grateful for. In addition Tracy seamlessly integrated into our family and my daughter loves her. Thank you Tracy for being part of our very special journey. I only wish I had hired you as my birth doula as well! 

Hannah and Greg. March 2023

I'm not quite sure how to put into words how much Tracy has helped me through my birthing and postnatal experience. I met Tracy during my pregnancy after a life changing event and she showed me compassion, understanding, and kindness. She gave me so much valuable information when writing my birth preferences and she was with me every step of the way during my sons birth when it didn't go as expected. Tracy advocated for me when I wasn't able to myself, talked me through my options and explained the medical jargon to me when necessary. She has played a vital role in my postnatal recovery period, always willing to listen without judgement and give great advice and resources for me and my baby. I am honestly not sure where I would be right now if I didn't have Tracy by my side through this time and I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and my family. You will not regret reaching out, whether that be for antenatal, birth or postnatal. THANK YOU.

Kate March 2023.

Where do I start? We hired Tracy after my best friend recommended her and I genuinely feel like I don't know how people go through pregnancy and birth without the support of a Doula. Tracy supported us throughout our pregnancy, even using her contacts at the hospital to book me an appointment to get my anti-d injection at 28 weeks when my midwife couldn't. We had a few twists and turns at the end of our pregnancy (literally) as we discovered at the 36 week scan that our baby was breech and I was Polyhydramnios (my water levels were high) which wasn't ideal as I had my heart set on a home birth. After each scary hospital visit Tracy was there to reassure us and talk us through our options and statistics and risks of each outcome. It was so comforting to have someone there to translate the medical jargon and talk to us without scaremongering. At 38 weeks, on New Years Day we went for a successful ECV. Tracy came with us and supported us throughout, which we felt was above and beyond her call of duty. My birth didn't go exactly to plan, I laboured at home for 20 hours but unfortunately had to be transferred in for a C-section as it was discovered that the baby was back to back. Tracy was there from the start of my contractions until our beautiful son was born, over 24 hours later, even coming to hospital with us and waiting until after the caesarean was done to make sure we were all ok. Despite my birth going off track, I genuinely look back at my birth really positively because Tracy helped us to make informed decisions every step of the way without us feeling coerced into anything we did. We both felt extremely supported throughout the experience and genuinely feel like we couldn't have done it without her. I whole heartedly recommend Tracy and can't praise her enough.

Alex and Alex January 2023.​

Hiring Tracy as our Doula was the best decision we have ever made. She supported us in the lead up, during and after the birth of our first child, ensuring we felt empowered, informed and confident as we embarked on the crazy journey of parenthood! She has continued to be a constant source of support and kindness and remains a very special person to our family. Don't hesitate to book her- she is truly wonderful.

Mim and James January 2023

Where to begin, there aren't many chapters to this book. Chapter one-baby blue turmoil, chapter two-Tracy, the saving grace. I hired Tracy as a Postnatal Doula, well, when I say I did, my partner saw how broken I was and reached out for help, that help came in the form of someone I would later realise was the reason I made it through the baby blues. Tracy came and talked to me for hours on end, often listening to me repeat the same thing over and over again without any judgement or questioning. She held me when I most needed it.

I had never considered a Doula, I didn't know what they did.... yet the first day she walked through my door I felt safe. I instantly new that she was going to help me without judgement and that she did. I don't think I'd ever be able to say thank you enough. From day one to the last day Tracy made me gain the confidence to let some of the anxiety of being a first time mum go and start enjoying myself instead of just surviving. I honestly can't promote Tracy enough, she's the light at the end of a very dark, lonely tunnel. I don't know if I'd ever got through it without her, not to mention the amazing bean chilli she made me!

Tracy also put my Christmas tree up and took me Christmas shopping because I couldn't face doing it alone.

There are so many things Tracy did for me, I am eternally grateful, I think she made the biggest difference to me being able to overcome the baby blues and enjoy my baby boy in his early months. If you're looking for a Doula then Tracy really is the perfect one. I trusted her completely, with my baby, my journey and with my anxious thoughts, she really is the best person to have close when you feel so far from yourself.​

Hollie November 2022-January 2023

Tracy was a listening ear, a friendly face and hand to hold throughout my pregnancy. I looked forward to our prenatal visits. I also knew that she was always on the other end of the phone if needed. The support and knowledge she shared gave me the ability to trust my instincts which was especially useful when attending hospital and midwife appointments. Tracy also taught Hypnobirthing which really helped me to relax and prepare for my baby's birth day. I felt confident that when I went into labour I would be ready to birth calmly.

Tracy's kindness shines through and I would recommend anyone starting their pregnancy to journey to reach out to her.

Sarah November 2022


The most wonderful birth experience thanks to Tracy!

We had carefully planned what we wanted, but fair to say Tracy helped guide us through the many twists and turns of our birth journey and we certainly wouldn't  have had the wonderful experience we did without her caring, considered and extremely experienced presence by our side. The best thing about Tracy is that she plays so many parts during your birth journey but seems to have the superpower of intuitively understanding exactly how you want to be supported and when. We had great midwives, but Tracy's experience stood head and shoulders above anyone in the room. Tracy identified issues the midwives had not noticed and empowered us with the knowledge and confidence to make decisions and overcome challenges. Whether it is guiding your midwives to understand and respect your expectations or drawing on her amazing knowledge to help with delivery, or just the gentle squeeze on the shoulder that reenergises you, having Tracy at your birth is like having a guardian angel by your side.

Iain and Sophie August 2022


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