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Have you experienced birth or perinatal trauma?

Three Step Rewind is a safe, non-intrusive and highly effective method used to help you to restructure and process a stressful event.

Women, partners, birth professionals and birth workers, who have experienced distress or trauma, any time during the perinatal period, can benefit from the Three Step Rewind process.


If you have a memory of an event during your journey to conceiving, pregnancy, birth or postpartum, that is impacting negatively on your day to day life, TSR can benefit you.

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Please note, if you are already having another form of therapy or have been diagnosed with PTSD or another mental illness, TSR might not be appropriate at this time. We can discuss this during an enquiry call.



Via zoom: £175.

At your home or my therapy room: £187.


A £87 deposit would be payable upon booking with the balance due on the day of the first session.

"I couldn't believe after the first session how much better I felt already, which was really incredible. Tracy conducted the process brilliantly. By the end of the three sessions I couldn't believe the change."

TSR Client February 2024.

"I found the whole process very effective. Tracy's empathetic approach helped me to take the time I needed for myself. She was so wonderful, helpful and understanding. I feel more positive and confident about my future.

It is a kinder approach to trauma therapy. Instead of reliving the experience you are helped to process it...which I think helps you to move forward in a more effective way."

TSR Client February 2024.

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How it works..

Three Step Rewind consists of three sessions, each a week apart.


The first session lasts approximately 2 hours. During this session you will be invited to share your story, but it is not obligatory. You may prefer to talk about the feelings the memories of your story evokes.

With gentle questioning you will be encouraged to talk about how you would prefer to feel.

The session ends with a guided relaxation.


Session two lasts approximately 1 hour. This session will take you through a rewind script which is designed to help you sort and file away the memory, without negative feelings attached to it.


The third session focuses on any positive changes you have noticed, and on moving forwards.


Occasionally, it is necessary to repeat session 2.

My perinatal journey

After years of tests for infertility and one failed round of IVF, I finally became pregnant. 

Due to a complication in my pregnancy, I was scheduled for a caesarean birth. My daughter, however, had other ideas and I went into labour 2 days before. 

I went into hospital and was prepped for theatre. Unfortunately, for reasons that are still not clear, the anaesthetist was unable to perform a spinal anaesthetic. He attempted three times. I therefore was put under general anaesthetic and missed my daughter’s birth and the first hour or so of her life. 

More than 20 years later, whilst writing my birth story as part of my doula training, I realised I still had a lot of negative feelings associated with the memory of my daughter’s birth. 

My experience and what I have witnessed as a Doula ignited a desire to be able to help other women who have had a traumatic time during their perinatal period. This led me to train as a Three Step Rewind Practitioner.

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