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​'Hypnobirthing uses words in a focused and positive way to help you to let go of negative ideas.' KGH'​

As your Hypnobirthing teacher , I will guide you through SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE techniques that will have a profound effect on you and your baby.

In-depth knowledge of how to facilitate your body to work efficiently and comfortably.

Let go of fear, feel confident, be empowered and have a calm birth.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the course, but even after the first session we came away feeling so empowered and educated for the birth of our first child..........Tracy is so knowledgeable and the delivery of her content is really accessible. We would recommend her course to all our friends and family."

Esther and Sam - April 2022
Image by Robert Bussey

During four two and half hour sessions, OR on one of my full day courses, you will:

  • Learn how your state of mind affects the hormones you produce and how your body works.

  • Learn effective relaxation, visualisation and breathing exercises.

  • Understand how maternity services work and learn about medical interventions and procedures, eg, sweeps, induction, optimal cord clamping.

  • Understand the risks and benefits of all procedures so you and your partner can make informed choices.

  • Complete your birth and postnatal planning with my guidance.

  • 4 X 2.5 hour in person sessions in your own home; From £295. 

Hypnobirthing can result in you requiring less pain relief, and you having a

shorter labour. Hypnobirthing also increases the likelihood of you feeling

content and happy with your birth experience.

By completing my KG Hypnobirthing course, you are more likely to experience

a natural, calm and comfortable birth.

Hypnobirthing also has a positive effect on your baby. If you feel in control,

confident and calm, baby will have a calm arrival into the world.

The course teaches you and your partner skills to instil confidence about your

birth and your roles as parents.

Sessions are arranged in your own home at a time convenient for you, or

locally in a comfortable lounge setting.

By the end of the course you will have the techniques you need to have the

most comfortable and natural birth.



TO be arranged.

*£249* per couple.

Spaces limited!

This full day course will help you to relinquish fears and misconceptions around

labour and birth. 

You will learn how to work with your body during labour and birth.

You will learn relaxation, visualisation and breathing skills, as well as comfort

measures you can use during labour.

All birth scenarios covered and all options for planning your birth preferences.

Birth Partners will learn how they can best support you.

Access to my virtual Doula Support leading up to baby's birth day and in the

weeks after.


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