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'Tracy, the saving grace. The reason I made it through the baby blues. Tracy listened for hours on end with no judgement. She held me close when I cried and offered me a lifetime of advice. Always there to reassure me. I don't think I'll ever be able to say thank you enough. She is the best person to have close when you feel far from yourself' 

Hollie-January 2023

'Having Tracy as our Postnatal Doula was a dream. She is caring, professional, knowledgeable about birth, breastfeeding and babies as  well as a great cook who made us healthy meals when frozen or take away meals were all we had time for. She went above and beyond to listen and offer support during our time together but also outside her working hours on the phone. As the weeks went by, Tracy helped me to grow in my new role as a mum and I couldn't thank her enough for it. We highly recommend Tracy as a doula and we will call upon her again when the next baby comes along.'

Sandra - January 2021
Post-Natal Doula Services

Once baby is here, parenthood can be daunting. Establishing feeding, sleep deprivation and nutritional needs, may leave you feeling like you need support.


As your post-natal Doula I can help you through your transition to parenthood. I will be flexible and work with you so your mothering journey is positive, calm and how you envisage it. I can watch over little one so you can have a nap or a shower, catch up with friend’s, or I can get some house-hold chores done for you.

I can provide a listening ear, prepare a meal, provide sibling care. You might not know what you need until I arrive for your pre-booked session.

I offer over-night support too. Catching up on sleep can help you to recover physically and mentally from your birth, and can help you to re-set your parenting journey.

I am here for you. My role is to make you feel empowered, in control and that YES, you can do it!

Image by Jonathan Borba
Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline
Post-Natal Planning

Postnatal planning sessions are designed to help you think ahead to your transition to parenthood.

We can discuss how to prepare for your physical and emotional recovery and practical ways to make your postpartum journey smoother.

£55 per hour video call.

£65 per hour in person visit.

Postnatal plan templates included.

You can also arrange to visit me at my therapy room for the same price as a video call.

A comfortable, calm space near Colchester in Essex.

Post-Natal Package

During the first vital few weeks when you are getting to know your little one, time is precious and there seems so much to do. I can support you emotionally and in practical terms to help you feel more relaxed and confident as you care for your baby.

I can provide up to 21 hours of support over a 4-6 week period of your choice. Typically sessions are for 3 hours, but can be longer. I offer night care too. Some families appreciate this support when the partner returns to work.

My role as your post-natal doula is flexible and tailored to your needs during this precious time. Food for thought; I could provide baby feeding support, prepare meals and drinks for you, play with or help siblings with homework. I can do general house work including the dreaded ironing, and care for your baby whilst you sleep, take a bath or get some well deserved me-time.

I can be your listening ear!

I want you to feel rested and relaxed and to enjoy the changes and challenges a new baby brings to your family.

PRICE per 21 hour package £585 inclusive.

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Image by Kelly Sikkema
Ad-hoc Post-Natal Support

Postnatally I can visit your home to support you as you adjust to being parents. Baby care support, feeding support and family routine support are examples of how I could help you.

Price per hour from £28.50.


You can book a 3 hour session to discuss and plan the support you may need during your postpartum.

This could include feeding advice, ways to encourage physical healing and how to transition to being new parents.

Learn what to expect in the early days for you and your new-born.

Understand normal feeding habits, pooping habits, sleeping patterns.

Formulate a Postnatal Plan with my guidance.

FEE from £175. Includes a free Postnatal Pack.

Doula Support Sessions

One Hour of Doula Insight.

Do you have a question or concern about your pregnancy, labour or postpartum?

Would you like some information about feeding or baby care?


Are you confused by conflicting information and you would like to know the evidence behind it?

You can book a one hour video call and delve into my Doula knowledge and experience. If I cannot answer your question or concern, I will source the information for you. (Included in the price).

No question is silly. 

Non judgemental, experienced support.

£55 per hour session.

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline
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